About Us

Toutsource has been created in 2011, we are located in Hong-Kong, at the door of China, also known as factory of the world. In my years of experience here, I faced several problems should it be from me (or my staff) not knowing enough about the manufacturing process or from the factories, stubbornly sticking to what they know already.

Facing this sad fact, I decided to build this knowledge base so that I can drive peers or suppliers to a URL where they can find valuable material concerning the manufacturing issue we are talking about.

The Knowledge base

Education_by_shimpoIn the Knowledge base, I am compiling a lot of resources found over the web to explain to the different actors of the industry what are the possibilities and the restrictions of different processes and methods. I designed the base with a focus on the simplicity, to put this knowledge accessible to most people, even without having the required skills to actually perform the tasks, you should be able to understand a lot out of it. The Knowledge Base can be as well used by students to better understand the industry and the different processes and methods most commonly used.

I divided the Knowledge base in 3 major chapters

  • Product Design : the very first phase of every product life, from the idea to the specification.
  • Manufacturing : the necessary path to bring the product from a nice idea and well thought design to a reality.
  • Quality : the different controls you need to master in both product Design and Manufacturing if you want your product to be as per your requirements.

I thank all third parties who produced the materials I used to build this knowledge base, those have been cited in the related pages.

Image credit : Shimpo